Industrial Cleaning

Our industrial cleaning extends to all types of operations

Industrial Cleaning Services in Melbourne

With more than 30 years of experience in industrial, warehouse, and factory cleaning, our industrial cleaning services are one of our favourite services where Cleaning Edge Solutions have set the benchmark.

Cleaning Edge Solutions take occupational safety and health (OH&S) risks into account with a firm understanding of the requirements of an industrial workplace. Cleaning factories and other industrial facilities requires cleaners with thorough training and knowledge to work in industrial environments.

We understand what is required to produce the best possible results and conduct extensive evaluations and estimations to plan a customised cleaning solution to meet your needs.

The benefits of using our industrial cleaning services

Industrial cleaning requires a solid understanding of industrial premises and a keen eye for OH&S hazards. Our industrial cleaners know what to look for, and how to work efficiently to get the job done. They are available for cleaning work, such as carpet cleaning, pressure cleaning, window cleaning, and even equipment cleaning. We promise you outstanding industrial cleaning services and attention to detail to your facility’s unique cleaning needs.

Maintaining A Healthy and Productive Work Environment

Cleaning Edge Solutions not only keep your workplace looking great, but our industrial cleaning services also help increase productivity and efficiency. A major part of any cleaning work is disinfecting the workplace to eliminate germs, and industrial workplaces are no exception. Airborne-related illnesses are bad for any business, as they can cause employees to become sick, meaning your business will not operate at full capacity. Our industrial cleaning services help to ensure that your employees remain healthy and have a safe environment to work in.

Our industrial cleaning services extend to all types of operations, including

Builders and Construction Sites

Builders and Construction Sites

Cleaning up the after-build mess and making your site ready for handover or use.

Hospitality Cleaning Melbourne


In the hospitality industry, clean and hygienic spaces are essential to the success of your business.

Meat and Food Processing Facilities Cleaning Perth

Meat and Food Processing Facilities

We assist abattoirs and food processing facilities comply with sanitation standards.

Restaurant cleaning service


We take the stress out of keeping your pub or restaurant clean, hygenic and presentable.

Warehouse and Factory Cleaning Melbourne

Warehouse and Factories

Keeping your industrial area compliant and safe for all types of workers. 

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