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Cleaning Edge Solutions keeps your cleanliness as our priority. Our expert staff take pride in their work and guarantee the presentation of your office.

As an employer you want to ensure your office is presented as clean and fresh at all times for the comfort of your clients and staff.

We understand the demand of managing an office and the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. We understand the demand of managing an office and the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

You want every client that enters your office to look around and see your office for what it is and not the collection of dust and mess. Additionally, how would you expect your staff to work in an unclean environment? Not only would an immaculately clean office present your business in a positive light but it would increase the comfort and productivity of your staff!

It may be as simple as having a fresh scent in the air or having fresh flowers to contribute to your office's appearance. If you require fresh flowers to be placed around the office regularly, we can do that too!

Our Office Cleaning Process

LUDUB is one of our guiding thoughts when cleaning offices. "Look Up, Down, Underneath and Behind". There's no need to worry about cobwebs from unmoved furniture, or stains setting in from uncleaned desktops. By constantly cleaning all the surfaces, we prevent any build up of dust and bacteria. Underneath the coffee table in your reception, behind the fixed chairs, just a few of the commonly missed areas that general cleaners overlook. But we don't!

Office Cleaning in Melbourne & Perth

Are you searching for trustworthy office cleaning services for your property? Cleaning Edge Solutions Solutions provides office cleaning services to clients at affordable and attractive rates in Melbourne or Perth.Every office requires being in a good condition so that the employees can work with satisfaction and contentment. Dust and dirt needs to be removed thoroughly in order to make everything sparkle neat and fine. Our office cleaning services have been developed to provide comprehensive cleaning services to clients when required.

Office cleaning services are effective in creating a hygienic working environment so that there are no diseases causing germs. Any health problem can lead to office missed days and hence loss of productivity. Regular office cleaning is essential for maintaining a neat and clean environment which is conducive to the health of human beings. Increased productivity at work is good for the growth and performance of a company.

Unclean office spaces can lead to unmanageable office environment and chaos. However, now you don’t need to worry about dust, dirt and cobwebs from causing any damage to life and property. Our expert services are helpful in bringing proper order and in avoiding unhealthy living conditions. We take care of the office flooring, furniture, windows and doors in addition to other items and remove dust from the spaces like walls and ceilings.

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Good office cleaning services help in maintaining an office property in proper condition and this in turn increases the market value of the property. We will ensure that your office property remains in the best of condition so that the visitors and customers have a positive view of the property. Positive company image leads to an increase in sales and business performance. So why to wait more, just come with us and impress your clients with a clean and tidy office. We will work with you to create a place of your dreams which is clean and very inviting.

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You can find out more about LUDUB and how we utilize it in our blog 

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