Medical Center Cleaning

Cleaning your medical centre or laboratory is not a job we take lightly. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors to focus on in medical centres. 

You can expect to see a lot of sick patients, meaning the centre is suceptible to all forms of bacteria, viruses and infection. It is imperative to have a high standard of hygiene to minimise the risk of any infection or cross-contamination.

At Cleaning Edge Solutions, we are familiar with the RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) Infection and Control Standards Guide which recommends all practices have routine and scheduled cleaning. We will provide a rigorous cleaning schedule to ensure your medical centre or laboratory is not only cleaned to the highest standard but is hygenic enough to control and minimise the potentially harmful micro-organisms that are left behind from sick patients.

All our cleaners are expert Hygiene Operators are certified in Cleaning & Disinfection Processes as well as Infection Control & Prevention, which protects both our clients and ourselves if an environment has potential exposure risks. We strictly follow the RACGP policy in the use of PPE where there is exposure to blood or body fluids with a high risk of contamination or infection. Every MSD for chemicals are placed correctly and followed, this guarantees all the standards are met for healthcare and laboratory facilities.

What you can do to prevent the spread of germs

  • Keep anti-bacterial wipes and disinfectant placed strategically around the centre for staff and patients. This will promote a healthy and hygenic appearance for your healthcare facility as well as contribute to controlling germs
  • Ensure surfaces that are in frequent use/contact (such as consultation room furniture/equipment, toilet/bathroom fixtures, door handles, etc.) are disinfected
  • If your practice has toys for children, they should be non-porous, not stuffed or made of cloth, not able to retain water and are regularly cleaned/disinfected.

Cleaning Edge Solutions can help you keep your staff and clients happy and healthy, contact us today to find out how we can help you!

If you would like more information about the guidelines and procedures regarding the cleaning and maintenance of your medical centre, you can view the full RACGP guide here

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