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Retail Cleaning Service

We understand the demand of managing a retail space and the importance of keeping it clean at the same time. You want your staff and customers to feel comfortable in your store and furthermore, your retail space and showroom is your business on display. If it doesn't look clean, the impact on your business could be detrimental. The one thing you don't want your customers to see (nor do you want to see) when they are browsing through, is dirt and dust. You need a company you can count on that can deliver a superior cleaning service. Cleaning Edge is your partner in cleaning with triple ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 Accreditation fully trained and highly experienced staff and annual police checks. Let the team at Cleaning Edge give your business the edge and take the headache of cleaning away from you.

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Retail spaces and showrooms can be tricky and tedious to clean and need someone with a real eye for detail. Dust can quickly accumulate on display items, scuff marks can quickly build up and glass and mirrors become fingerprinted quickly. A clean retail space is rarely noticed but an unclean one will always be seen and will put customers off and even turn them away. You may not realise how much attention customers pay to cleanliness. Imagine walking into your favourite retailer and the floors were filthy, the glass had marks and fingerprints all over and the stock on display was covered in dust. I don't think you would stick around long and after all, if the store looks like that, what of their stock? 

In this type of environment, it is all about presentation, presentation, presentation!

If the store is spotless and glass and mirrors are spotless than your customers will feel comfortable shopping and staying in your store longer which will result in more spending. If your store is unclean, your customers won't come in or they will come and get what they need and quickly leave. Research has shown that customers who stay longer will spend more. If they are comfortable, they will stay longer. You want your customers comfortable and you want them to stay longer so they will spend more. Cleanliness is a key factor in keeping your customers comfortable so that they will stay longer.

It is hard if you choose to do the cleaning. Some day you will get time other days you will be pooped and just won't have time or energy. Having a professional and reliable cleaner who is scheduled to come in on set days will take the worry away from you and give you the assurance it will get done and will ensure your store is maintained in a pristine state so that it always presents clean to your clients enabling you to really make an impact. Cleaning Edge Solutions will ensure you have the edge when it comes to presenting your retail space or showroom and putting it on 'show'!

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We offer a wide variety of retail cleaning options and services, including: floors, carpets, walls, ceilings, washrooms and windows. We work with you to select the right services for your budget and needs.

Our Retail Cleaning covers all areas including:

  • Floor Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Washrooms and general facilities
  • Interior and exterior Ceilings & Walls


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