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Food Plant Cleaning

Triple ISO Accreditation 14001:2004, 9001:2008, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 & AS/NZS 4801:2001

Cleaning Edge specialises in assisting local abattoirs and food processing plants deliver safe, wholesome and hygienic food products in compliance with Australia's strict sanitation standards!

We are certified food plant cleaning specialists.

butcher cleaningCWe are one of only a few Melbourne and Perth abattoir and meat shop cleaning companies to be fully ISO Internationally accredited. This means that our meat shop, factory and abattoir cleaning services and procedures are constantly monitored to ensure the very highest standards of OH&S, quality and safety. We also adhere to best practice environmental standards in our selection and use of cleaning chemicals.

Our staff are thouroughly trained in best practice for the industry. We are also fully insured and have backup provisions in place to make sure that no matter what might happen - you can rely on our cleaning staff to be there and get your meat shop cleaning done on time!

As hygiene and sanitation experts, Cleaning Edge can assist and provide solutions to local and national abattoirs and food processing plants to process safe, hygienic products cost effectively, with comprehensive cleaning and sanitation.

We follow a methodical approach to business and we comply with an internationally recognized system of food safety management (HACCP), which focuses on identifying critical control points where food safety problems could arise. Our systems help identify all necessary food plant and machinery cleaning tasks and ensure that they are covered by the best quality cleaning services.

Helping Food Production Facilities remain compliant

When it comes to food production of any kind, there is a strict code of standards, developed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand or FSANZ that must be complied with to ensure safe practices and handling of food products. The code is commonwealth law and enforced by state and territory governments across all of Australia and New Zealand. FSANZ has three core objectives: protection of public health and safety; provision of adequate information to consumers and prevention of misleading or deceptive conduct. You can find a copy of the code here.

As a food processing/production facility, then you would be familiar with this code. You should pay special attention to the requirement of “cleaning and sanitising of the food premises and equipment…” Many food production facilities, especially the small ones, put cleaning at the bottom of their list and see it as just another expense. It is only another expense until your food gets contaminated and people get sick or die or until you are randomly audited and your cleaning and sanitising is not up to the standard. This could result in your business being closed down for a period of time or for good!

The Stats & Consequences

  • There are more than 2,000,000 occurrences of food poisoning in Australia every year
  • Many more cases of injury from foreign bodies
  • Harsher penalties and more commonly, litigation
  • Hefty fines for non-compliance and temporary or permanent closure
  • Damage to brand value and customer loyalty

So why risk it? In weighing up the pros and cons of cleaning your food facility with these possible consequences of not getting it right, you should realise that the cleaning and sanitising of your premises are more of an investment and cost saving initiative than an expense.

We’ll clean it ourselves … You may think that the best and cheapest option is doing your cleaning in house, having the staff clean up at the end of the day. This may be so for some facilities with minimal clean up required, but for most, this is probably an unwise decision. You have employed food handlers to produce your food and a food handler is a food handler, not a cleaner or Hygiene Operator as we like to call our staff. A butcher isn’t a cleaner and a cleaner isn’t a butcher, the two are completely separate industries with different sets of skills. This is where many go wrong because a cleaner is trained to clean and sanitise whereas a food handler is trained to handle food. So it only makes sense to engage a professional cleaner to ensure the cleaning and sanitising is done to the standard set out by FSANZ and the recommendations

Hire an external cleaning company – this will relieve you of having to ensure the cleaning gets done as your contract cleaners will be scheduled to come in at fixed times. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry when you are audited, Cleaning Edge will make sure you are ready all the time. After all, you aren’t a cleaning company so let the professionals manage this part of your business so you can focus on the high value tasks that make your business what it is. At Cleaning Edge, we are your professional partner for cleaning and we are here to work with you. Trust the team at Cleaning Edge and partner with us today!

What makes Cleaning Edge Different?

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