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Accreditation: Safety

ISO Cleaning Company MelbourneCleaning Edge is a BS OHSAS 18001:2007 OH&S Certified Company and we have integrated comprehensive OH&S procedures into the core of our business to ensure the safety and quality of our services.

Health and safety requirements are continually checked against our comprehensive OH&S policy. This covers all cleaning activities and products ensuring they comply with legal requirements, as a client you are welcome to contact us for further information and to review our OH&S policy guidelines. 

The OH&S policy mandates appropriate training of all our staff in the use of equipment and chemicals, with personal protective equipment. 

Our training in OH&S is subject to both in-house and external accredited trainers and ensures that all cleaners are fully trained in avoiding potential health and safety issues.

Our OH&S policy includes:

  • Ensuring safe work areas with ongoing reveiws of the work places as well as of the cleaning equipment itself
  • OH&S training for all staff.
  • Develop emergency procedures in case of unforseen accidents.

Why choose an ISO 18001 Accredited Cleaning Company?

We are one of only a few Melbourne and Perth cleaning companies to be fully ISO Internationally accredited. This means that our range of commercial cleaning services are constantly monitored to ensure the very highest standards of OH&S, quality and environment. 

Being an ISO 18001 accredited cleaning company enables Cleaning Edge Pty Ltd to provide a much higher level of confidence in the quality of our services. We are the ideal provider if your company is looking for nothing but the best when it comes to cleaning services. Not only do we provide a high level of excellence in our contract cleaning services, but we also provide competitive and affordable rates for our work. 

Our staff are thouroughly trained in best practice for the industry. We are also fully insured and have backup provisions in place to make sure that no matter what might happen - you can rely on our cleaning staff to be there and get your cleaning job done on time!

If you need reliable commercial cleaning services in Melbourne or Perth, please contact us today for a friendly chat and an obligation-free quote. 


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