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Test & Tag - Its The Law!

Cleaning Edge Solutions is proud to introduce Test Tag Edge, a testing and tagging service we are offering our customers for greater convenience with our goal of providing you a One Stop Shop solution for all your property requirements. Have you considered whether the powerboard you use under your desk is safe to use? Do you know how old it is? What about the office computers, have you checked when they were last tested and tagged? Do you have electrical plug in items or power tools in your office, on your worksite or in your factory or warehouse that need to be Tested and Tagged? Are you aware that WorkSafe is inspecting a workplace every 12 minutes? 

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Contract Cleaners for Childcare Centres

In our experience, it is difficult for staff to thoroughly clean up at the end of a busy day and the last thing you want to do, after cleaning all throughout the day, is clean again. When we talk cleaning at Cleaning Edge, we mean cleaning. Not just a quick wipe of surfaces and a quick vacuum and mopping of the floors. Maintaining cleanliness throughout the day is routine for all centres and part of the job, what really matters in childcare centres is what's left at the end of the day. A thorough clean up at the end of each day is critical if you want to have a clean and hygienic centre. If the dirt and dust is not cleaned properly from edges and corners, behind doors and under mats, then over a short period of time

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The Office Cleaning Process

Regularly moving placed/permanent office furniture is important to ensure we can clean behind and underneath to avoid any build up. Checking well underneath desks and behind the computer server and behind doors are other areas cleaners will often miss which will quickly result in dust, dirt and cobwebs. When someone in the office doesn't close their door very often, it would be embarrassing

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Insights from Research into Gym Cleanliness

All gym and health club operators understand the importance of gym cleaning but are also aware of the costs involved. If you see cleaning as just another expense, think again. Research has shown that cleaning is more of an investment than an expense and will result in

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The Benefits of Having a Contract Cleaner for Your Medical Facility

Dust and dirt can harbour microorganisms and it is imperative that routine scheduled cleaning of all surfaces and equipment is carried out to reduce and minimise any dust and dirt in your facility. It is difficult for staff in a medical centre or laboratory setting to maintain the levels of cleanliness required for these environments, especially if you are a busy centre and are open for extended hours.  

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Combatting the Spread of Infection at Childcare Centres

Infection can be spread through direct physical contact between people, airborne droplets from coughing and sneezing or from contact with surfaces and objects. Children in child care are constantly in contact with toys, furniture and floor and bench surfaces which poses a risk that children will be exposed to and spread infectious illnesses. While it is not possible to prevent the spread of all infections, childcare centers can take steps

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